Get Involved

» Sponsorship Opportunities
The NAD invites businesses and organizations to sponsor the Conference. The sponsorship program is a proven and effective means for maintaining strong corporate brand awareness, with many unique and exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

» Exhibit 
The NAD invites your company to participate as an exhibitor at one of the largest and most popular expositions of deaf-related products and services that will be held during the 53rd Biennial NAD in Phoenix, Arizona July 7-9, 2016. The Exhibit Hall will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center (3rd Floor), in the middle of downtown Phoenix and its attractions! Deadline: May 20, 2016 — passed.

» Nominate an Individual or Organization
Nominate deserving people and organizations for the 2016 NAD Awards! Do you know someone who has done a lot for the deaf and hard of hearing community? Here’s your chance to make sure those who have done so much get the recognition merited by their work. Each award has a different purpose, and you can recommend someone specific for each type of award that best fits their contribution. Deadline: April 15, 2016 — passed.

» Volunteer
Let us know you’re interested in volunteering!

» Interpreting 
Are you interested in interpreting at #NAD2016?

» Call for Candidates/Election Procedures
The NAD Election Committee is looking for individuals who are interested in serving on the NAD Board.  The Board represents the deaf and hard of hearing community in the United States. Prospective candidates who which to run for a position on the NAD Board of Directors must have completed the five parts of the online form, in entirety. Deadline: June 3, 2016 — still accepting applications until July 4th for Treasurer, Region II, and Region IV.

» How to Propose a Bylaws Amendment
Individuals of the NAD may submit proposed amendments to the NAD Bylaws, using the Proposed NAD Bylaws Amendment Form provided online.  Individuals may submit via American Sign Language (ASL) or English. Deadline: May 5, 2016 — passed.

» How to Propose a Priority
The NAD Board of Directors welcomes submissions from individual members for proposed priorities for the next two years (2016-2018). These tend to be issues-oriented in nature, with focus on advocacy issues of importance that can be accomplished within a two-year timeframe. Proposed priorities will be presented to and voted upon by individual and affiliate members (General Forum); the top 20 proposals will then be narrowed down to the top 5 priorities for 2016-2018 by vote of official delegates (Council of Representatives). These then go to the NAD Board of Directors for follow up action during 2016-2018. Deadline: May 22, 2016 — passed.