2014-2016 Board Committees

» NAD Board of Directors 2014-2016
President, Chris Wagner
Vice-President, Melissa Draganac-Hawk
Secretary, Joshua Beckman
Treasurer, Philippe Montalette
Region I, Steve Lovi and Michelle Cline
Region II, Jenny Buechner and Richard McCowin
Region III, Jerry Nelson and Holly Ketchum
Region VI, David Reynolds and Sherri Collins
Appointed, Outreach, Alicia Lane-Outlaw
Appointed, Affiliates, Pamela Lloyd-Ogoke

» NAD Headquarters Staff
Chief Executive Officer, Howard A. Rosenblum
Law and Advocacy Center, Marc Charmatz, Debra Patkin, Zainab Alkebsi, Caroline Jackson, Anna Bitencourt, and Tawny Holmes
Director of Communications, Lizzie Sorkin
Communications Specialist, Jazzy Jones
Webmaster, Andy Foster
State Legislative Affairs Coordinator, Kim Bianco Majeri
Membership and Donor Relations, Donna Morris and Ron Nomeland
Conference Planner, Angela Ellman
Youth Programs Coordinator, Allie Rice
Director of Finance, Tom Wells
Director of Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP), Jason Stark

» Finance Committee
Philippe Montalette, Chair

» Outreach Committee
Corey Axelrod, Co-Chair
Nick Gould, Co-Chair

» Education Strategy Team
Tawny Holmes, Chair

» Youth Strategy Team
Lissette Molina Wood, Co-Chair
Martin Price, Co-Chair

» Diversity Strategy Team
Shilpa Hanumantha, Chair

» Governance Committee
Steve Lovi, Chair

» NAD 2016 Conference Committee
Sherri Collins, Chair

» State Association and Affiliates Committee
Jenny Buechner, Chair

» Bylaws Committee
Joshua Beckman, Chair

» Public Policy Committee
Alexis Kashar, Chair

  • Bioethics Expert Group
  • Civil Rights Expert Group
  • Education Expert Group
  • International Expert Group
  • Media Expert Group
  • Mental Health Expert Group
  • Emergency Management Expert Group

» Sections: 

  • Deaf History & Culture
  • Interpreters
  • Senior Citizens
  • LGBT
  • Deaf Business Advocacy