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All NAD workshops, sessions, events, etc. will be voice interpreted and CART/Captioned unless the presenter is not using ASL then we will have an ASL interpreter available next to the presenter.

» Opening Ceremony, Tuesday, July 5, 2016
The 53rd Biennial NAD Conference will begin with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at the Phoenix Convention Center. Mark Morales, our entertaining emcee, will lead us through a memorable evening with various deaf community leaders recognizing how far we’ve come and help kick off the Conference to a memorable week!

» Community Forum, Wednesday, July 6, 2016
The Second Biennial NAD Community Forum is an opportunity to actively share and collaborate. Together we will explore our roots and discover new ways we can interface as a community. Come get involved and work to promote the deaf community as we embrace our present and future. Emcees Lynette Taylor and Lauren Ridloff will host this interactive forum and bring up thought-provoking topics such as collaboration and activism. Conversations will be discussed in small groups, with facilitators, to create a safe open environment. Community members will learn strategies for having sensitive and productive conversations. Attendees will leave the Community Forum feeling inspired to make real change; being equipped with a deeper understanding of core and current issues in the Deaf Community, effective communication skills, and tangible action items.

» College Bowl, Thursday, July 7, 2016
A Biennial NAD Conference tradition since 1988, the College Bowl brings together young, quick thinking students for a spirited evening of academic competition. The goals of the NAD College Bowl are to promote esprit de corps among competing colleges and within each team and to enhance the visibility of colleges serving students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The competition begins with the preliminary round on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, which determines which colleges/universities will compete in the College Bowl Finals! The Finals will be emceed by the fantastic Jesse Jones! The teams will vie for the coveted silver trophy and scholarships while the audience tries to guess the answers along with the contestants. Come cheer your favorite team along as their brains are put to the test – and find out if they are triumphantly correct! It’s also a fun time to enjoy the competition and test your own knowledge!

» Youth Ambassador Program, Friday, July 8, 2016
Join Sandra Mae Frank and Jeremy Lee Sanchez as they take you through the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) Competition! The competition will showcase young deaf and hard of hearing female and male Americans who vie to become the NAD youth ambassadors.  This is a family-friendly event; go ahead and bring your children! This is a great way to celebrate deaf and hard of hearing youth as they are the leaders of our tomorrow!

» pulseTHAT! Game Show & Live Auction, Saturday, July 9, 2016
Close out the wonderful conference week in Phoenix with Eyob Zerayesus as he leads you through a new exciting game show! Four regional teams will battle by using their best ‘gut know’ of deaf ‘tend’. This is a new evening event that could quickly become a conference favorite! This is a family-friendly event; go ahead and bring your children and cheer your region team on! Before the final match, the NAD’s fantastic auctioneers, Beth and Dwight Benedict, will lead the Live Auction and attendees will have an opportunity to win fantastic items!