Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM – Session 1
PCC/101A Deaf Entrepreneurship: A Panel, W. Scot Atkins, David Michalowski, and Gary Meyer – Employment and Entrepreneurship
PCC/101B Yahoo’s Fully Inclusive NFL Live Stream, Larry Goldberg – Technology – Accessibility & Usability
PCC/101C Redmond, Tilden and the Deaf Community, Roz Rosen – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/102A Know Your Rights and Empowerment, Eric Baum, Sheryl Eisenberg-Michalowski and Andrew Rozynski – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B Strategic Partnerships with State Agency, Steven Florio, Steven Snow, Lori Breslow, George Nathan Gome, Cliff Moers and Annie Urasky – State and Local Level Advocacy

2:45 PM – 4:00 PM – Session 2
PCC/101A Building the Deaf Workforce Together, Nikki Soukup – Employment and Entrepreneurship
PCC/101B Child Welfare – Issues and Solutions, Alison Schlesinger and Alicia Devine – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/101C Thrive with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes, Helen Hilts – Health
PCC/102A Deaf Attorneys – Breaking the Ceiling, Suzy Rosen Singleton, Zainab Alkebsi, Claudia Gordon, Gregory Hlibok, Robert Mather, Mark Sorokin, Teresa Curtin and Jeff Rosen – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B Communicating with E-mail, Drew Robarge – Government Employment Training

Thursday, July 7, 2016

8:30 – 9:45 AM – Session 3
PCC/101A Online Access to Historical NAD Films, Ted Supalla – Advancing ASL: Linguistics & Aesthetics
PCC/101B Crowdsourcing Innovative Accessibility, Dominic Berry, Sam Sepah, Ryan Maliszewski, and Cham L. – Technology – Accessibility & Usability
PCC/101C Overview of ASL Cancer Ed. Projects, Patricia Branz and Matthew Fager – Health
PCC/102A Why We Might Be Celebrating the ADA Too Early, Dale Boam – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B ASLPI: Equal Language Rights Awareness, Loretta Roult – Advancing ASL: Linguistics & Aesthetics

10:00-11:15 AM – Session 4
PCC/101A Deaf Citizens? Deaf Communities in Africa, Khadijat Rashid – Inclusion and Intersectionality
PCC/101B Expanding Access to Financial Mainstream, Jamie Robinson, Cecelia James, Lori Siedman and Meryl Troop – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/101C Understanding Medicare, Bert Pickell – Health
PCC/102A Leveling the Employment Playing Field: DOL’s Revised Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act Regulations, Claudia Gordon
PCC/102B The Future Workforce for D/HH Employees, Sam Sepah – Government Employment Training

1:15 – 2:30 PM – Session 5
PCC/101A Deaf and…: Intersections and Identity, Richard Bailey – Inclusion and Intersectionality
PCC/101B Digital Documentation of Sign Language, Patrick Boudrealt and Ted Supalla – Advancing ASL: Linguistics & Aesthetics
PCC/101C How to Plan Your Gifting to Charities, Nicholas Gould and Charles Sterling – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/102A Captioning Forum with Federal Agencies: DOT, DOJ, and FCC, Suzy Rosen Singelton, Robert Mather, and Allon Yomtov – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B Defending America’s Freedom, David Jones, Fadi Aub-Shaaban, Cham L., Ryan Maliszewski and Ron Siudzinski – Government Employment Training

2:45 – 4:00 PM – Session 6
PCC/101A Images of Race, Ethnicity and Gender: Examining the Impact of Mass and Social Media, Elvia Guillermo – Inclusion and Intersectionality
PCC/101B Accessibility Through Tech Innovation, Ryan Maliszewski and Nicholas Gould – Technology – Accessibility & Usability
PCC/101C Social Change through Economic Leverage, Thomas Horejes and Kate O’Regan – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/102A NAD Law and Advocacy Center Updates, Debra Patkin, Caroline Jackson, and Zainab Alkebsi – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B CAP Overview and Customer Engagement, Jeffrey Dallos – Government Employment Training

Friday, July 8, 2016

8:30 – 9:45 AM – Session 7
PCC/101A EEOC? How Does It Apply to Me, Dexter Brooks – Inclusion and Intersectionality
PCC/101B Accessible Communications for Everyone, Robert McConnell – Technology – Accessibility & Usability
PCC/101C How Might We? Design Thinking In Action, Justin Wuetcher and Derrick Behm – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/102A Conversations with Your Public Policy Committee and Chairs, Linda Bove, John Gournaris, Alexis Kashar, Neil McDevitt, Allison Schlesinger and Lynnette Taylor, – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B Understanding Employment Discrimination, Mark Sorokin – Government Employment Training

10:00 – 11:15 AM – Session 8
PCC/101A Why Intersectionality Matters, Carla Garcia-Fernandez – Inclusion and Intersectionality
PCC/101B VRI Task Force Report, Alfred Sonnenstrahl and Holly Ketchum – Technology – Accessibility & Usability
PCC/101C Population Health of Deaf People in USA, Poorna Kushalnagar – Health
PCC/102A Nebraska Way: Collaborating for Success, Jonathan Scherling and John Wyvill – State and Local Level Advocacy
PCC/102B The 10 Biggest Mistakes Federal Employees Make, Stephanie Summers and Lee Kramer (Kramer Wealth Managers) – Government Employment Training

1:15 – 2:30 PM – Session 9
PCC/101A #EventsSoWhite, Melissa Yingst Huber, Melissa Draganac Hawk, Mark Morales, Roberto Sandoval and Lizzie Sorkin – Inclusion and Intersectionality
PCC/101B KODAs: A Place to Belong: A Support Group, Megan Fox-Ritchie – Additional Areas of Interest
PCC/101C Community Engagement in Health Research, Kelly Matthews and Lori DeWindt – Health
PCC/102A Taking Back Power with Self-Advocacy, James Brune and Bonnie Kaplan – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B Accessibility: To Innovate or Not to Innovate, Cham L. and Team – Government Employment Training/Technology – Accessibility & Usability

2:45 – 4:00 PM – Session 10
PCC/101A Everyday Technology Use by Deaf Seniors, Jenny Singleton & Elena Gonzalez – Technology – Accessibility & Usability
PCC/101B LEAD-K: Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready, Roz Rosen and Julie Rems-Smario – State and Local Level Advocacy
PCC/101C Retirementality: Retirement Redefined, Bert Pickell – Health
PCC/102A The ADA and Effective Communication: My Rights, Shannon Moutinho, Chad A. Ludwig, Sean Gerlis, Michael Richardson and Paul Simmons – Civil Rights/Legal Advocacy
PCC/102B Federal Relay Service Training, Chanel Gleicher and Tatyana Mezentseva – Government Employment Training