» Wait, there’s a conference?
Watch NAD President Chris Wagner invite YOU to #NAD2016!

» Where and when is the 2016 NAD Conference?
July 5-9, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel and the Phoenix Convention Center.

» Who attends the NAD Conference?

  • Deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, deaf blind, and hearing consumers
  • Parents and family members
  • Federal employees
  • Deaf and hard of hearing professionals
  • Organizational and corporate representatives
  • Professionals whose services are targeted to deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing, and deaf blind individuals.
  • Retirees active in civic and community service
  • Mainstream and residential education students
  • College and university students
  • Educators of the deaf
  • Interpreters

» Do you have a letter I can show my boss why I should go to the NAD Conference?
Yes! Click here for a sample letter for your employer.

» How do I register for the conference?
It’s easy! You can register online, here!

» Why should I register in advance?
Save money! Discount rates are only offered to those who register before the conference. Registration for package tickets’ deadline is May 31, 2016.

  • Some events have limited capacities and may be sold out
  • All NAD Conference meal events have early deadlines for food orders
  • Seating may not be available if you wait until the last minute
  • To make check-in at the conference faster and easier
  • Your information, registration badges, tote bags, and our support will be prepared and ready for you in advance!

» Can I register at the conference?
Yes. Non-combo registration is available at the conference. However, registering before the Conference saves you money and time and guarantees you seating at meals and events. Meal events have deadlines and seating may not be available if you wait until the last minute.

» I am not a member of the NAD; can I still attend the conference?
Yes, you can still enjoy the NAD Exhibit Hall located on the 3rd floor of the Phoenix Convention Center. All other events require current NAD Membership as of July 5, 2016.  It’s easy to become a member (or to re-new your membership) online, here.

» What is Government Employee Training (GET)?
In partnership with Deaf in Government (DIG), the NAD is offering GET sessions during the Conference. The GET Registration is for federal and state employees only and includes:

  • GET sessions
  • NAD workshop sessions, RID Region V sessions, and NDEC sessions
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • NAD Exhibit Hall
  • [email protected] events.

» I see that Family Day is open to the public, so what does that mean?
Family Day is a free event with many entertaining family-friendly activities that are open to the public! You do not need to be a NAD member to attend. This is a wonderful event to take your family to watch and to immerse in!

» Will you be able to accommodate to my needs for the events and workshops?
Yes!  All NAD workshops, sessions, events, etc will be voice interpreted and CART/Captioned unless the presenter is not using ASL. Then, we will have an ASL interpreter available next to the presenter.  If you need to make additional requests, you can do so by May 31st here.

» Is the conference appropriate for young children?
Yes! The 2016 NAD Conference was designed to attract families and their children. We have a wonderful schedule for children ages 3-17!

  • CHILDREN & TEENS (ages 3-17) – Registration required for free admission to workshops, College Bowl/Youth Ambassador Program events. Payment required for all other events. NAD membership welcomed but not required. Please click here for the online registration form for CHILDREN & TEENS ages 3-17.
  • INFANTS (ages 0-2) – Free admission, no registration required.

The following events are perfect for your family for a fun-filled Conference week:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • College Bowl Preliminaries
  • College Bowl Finals
  • Youth Luncheon
  • Youth Ambassador Program Finals
  • Family Day (all day Saturday, July 9, 2016)

Children of all ages must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. However, if you would like your children to have a separate experience on their own as you enjoy the Conference, they can attend the Kids Camp or if they’re old enough, they can be a Jr. NAD Page!

» Wait, what’s the Jr. NAD Pages Program?
The Jr. NAD Pages program is geared towards deaf and CODA teens between 12 and 17 years old and interested in the inner workings and strategies of the NAD Conference.

» What exactly is the Kids Camp?
The camp will provide activities, entertainment, and field trips for children aged 5 to 12. This program will be held during the 53rd Biennial NAD Conference from July 6-8 from 8 AM to 4:15 PM.

» What’s the difference between the NAD Registration for Children & Teens ages 3-17 and the Kids Camp?
The Children & Teens NAD Conference Registration for Children & Teens ages 3-17 is access to general conference registration, like workshops, [email protected] events, and so on. The Kids Camp is separate from the Conference to provide activities for kids, under supervision — the parents don’t have to be there.  The Kids Camp will be an additional charge, further details will be released soon.

» Why do you sell packages now?
Previously, we offered combo registration along with non-combo events. Non-combo events are events at individual prices which includes luncheons. However, luncheons are not sold on-site and is not offered with Combo Registration. Often, attendees purchased combo registration without realizing luncheons were not included. For this reason, we have enhanced your shopping experience by creating packages that includes luncheons!

» So, what’s happening at the 2016 NAD Conference?
Take a look at the 2016 Conference schedule.  Check back often for additions/changes to the schedule.  During the conference, you will recieve live changes/updates via the mobile app!

» What workshops will be offered?
You can view the list of Workshops here.

» Who else is involved with the conference?
Check our list of partners.

» How can my organization/company become a sponsor?
It’s easy. Contact us to become a sponsor!

» Can I earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) at the conference?
Yes, we will offer CEUs. The $100 charge will cover RID CEUs, NDEC CEUs, and general attendance credits. There will be a charge of $100 for CEU processing — when you register for the conference, check the ‘CEU’ box so your name will be on the list for CEUs. Please contact us for details.

» How do I make hotel reservations?
The official conference hotel is the Renaissance Downtown Hotel however it has been sold out.  Overflow rooms are available at the Hyatt Regency.

» Why should I stay at or near the conference hotel?

  • All conference activities are in the hotel.
  • The NAD negotiates a special rate for conference attendees.
  • Attendees who stay in the hotel, allow the NAD to pay less for meeting space which makes registration rates lower.
  • The hotel is surrounded by many fun places to spend your time.
  • Easier networking opportunities.
  • Save extra time from taking public transportation or walking.
  • Staying in the conference hotel makes it convenient for you to go to your room in between activities.

» Can I visit the exhibit hall without registering for the conference?
Yes, the exhibit hall is open to the public!

» Can I volunteer?
Yes, sign up your interest!

» I have allergies or dietary restrictions, what can I do?
The NAD selects meals we hope everyone will enjoy. We realize that some individuals have dietary restrictions and food allergies. Attendees who have notified us about food allergies or dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating the standard entree selection will be provided with a vegetarian/vegan meal based as closely as possible on their specific dietary needs. The NAD will do its best to accommodate all dietary requests; however because the focus is on food allergies, we cannot always guarantee requests such as low-fat, low-salt, low-carb, sugar-free, etc. Alternate soups, salads or desserts also may not be available. Please contact us for special meal requests no later than May 31, 2016.

» How can I learn more about traveling to Phoenix, the city, museums, restaurants and activities?
Learn more about getting to Phoenix and about Phoenix.

» Why does the Conference Website use the colors Purple, Yellow, and Orange?
While the NAD’s colors are red, white, and blue — we wanted the conference website to reflect the location where the conference is hosted in: the heart of Arizona!  The colors for the conference are used to represent the beautiful sunset in Arizona.

» The conference theme consists of three signs — what do they represent?
The ASL conference theme represents gather / engage / inspire!

» Still have a question?
Please contact us if you don’t find the answer to your question above.