La NAD está muy entusiasmada en asociarnos con tres otras organizaciones durante esta conferencia: la Conferencia Nacional de Educación para Sordos (National Deaf Education Conference – NDEC) acogerá la su primera conferencia y se encargaron de manejar y direccionar el tema “Educación.”; La organización Sordos en el Gobierno (Deaf in Government – DIG) también se unirá a nosotros y van a manejar y hacerse cargo de la Formación de Empleo nel Gobierno (Government Employment Training – GET); el Registro de Intérpretes para Sordos (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf – RID) Región 5 manejará y van a hacerse cargo del tema “Interpretación.” El resto de los temas serán direccionados por la NAD. Cualquier pregunta relacionada a los talleres se puede enviar a [email protected]

Esta página será actualizada en marzo con una lista de talleres y presentadores confirmados.

General NAD Workshops

Accessibility Through Tech Innovation
Ryan Maliszewski

Accessible Communications for Everyone
Alfred Sonnenstrahl, Norman Williams

Better Video Communication with ACE App
Alfred Sonnenstrahl

Captioning Forum with Federal Agencies DOT, DOJ, and FCC
Suzy Rosen Singleton, Robert Mather, and Allon Yomtov

Child Welfare – Issues and Solutions
Allison Schlesinger, Alicia Devine

Community Engagement in Health Research
Kelly Matthews,  Lori DeWindt

Crowdsourcing Innovative Accessibility
Cham L.

Deaf and…: Intersections and Identity
Richard Bailey

Deaf Attorneys – Breaking the Ceiling
Suzy Rosen Singleton, Debra Patkin, Zainab Alkebsi, Mark Sorokin, Teresa Curtin

Deaf Citizens? Deaf Communities in Africa
Khadijat Rashid

Deaf Entrepreneurship: A Panel
David Michalowski

Defeating Rejection: Next Steps – Title is TBD
Sean Gerlis, Michael Richardson

Digital Documentation of Sign Language
Patrick Boudreault

EEOC? How does it apply to me?
Dexter Brooks

Melissa Huber, Lizzie Sorkin, Roberto Sandoval

Expanding Access to Financial Mainstream
Jamie Robinson, Lori Siedman, Meryl Troop

How Might We? Design Thinking In Action!
Justin Wuetcher, Derrick Behm

How to Plan Your Gifting to Charities
Nicholas Gould

Images of Race, Ethnicity and Gender: the Impact of Mass/Social Media
Elvia Guillermo

Know Your Rights and Empowerment
Sheryl Eisenberg-Michalowski

KODAs: A Place to Belong. A Support Group
Megham Fox-Ritchie

LEAD-K: Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready
Sheri Farinha

Nebraska Way: Collaborating for Success
Jonathan Scherling, John Wyvill

Online Access to Historical NAD Films
Ted Supalla

Overview of ASL Cancer Education
Patricia Branz and Matthew Fager

Population Health of Deaf People in USA
Poorna Kushalnagar

Retirementality: Retirement Redefined
Bert Pickell

Social Change through Economic Leverage
Thomas Horejes, Kate O’Regan

Strategic Partnerships with State Agency
Lori Breslow, Steven Florio, George Nathan Gomme, Cliff Moers

Taking Back Power with Self-Advocacy!
James Brune

Thrive with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
Penny Posedly

Understanding Medicare
Bert Pickell

VRI Task Force Report
Alfred Sonnenstrahl

Why Celebrate What We Should Protest?
Dale Boam

Why Intersectionality Matters?
Carla Garcia-Fernandez

Yahoo’s Fully Inclusive NFL Live Stream
Larry Goldberg

DIG Workshops – GET Track

Accessibility: To Innovate or Not to Innovate
Cham L.

CAP Overview and Customer Engagement
Jeffrey Dallos

Communicating with E-mail
Drew Robarge

Defending America’s Freedom
David Jones, with panelists: Ron Siudzinski, Fadi Aub-Shaaban, Ryan Maliszewski, Lane Lucht

Understanding Employment Discrimination
Mark Sorokin

Federal Relay Service Training
Chanel Gleicher and Tatyana Mezentseva

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Federal Employees Make
Kramer Wealth Managers

The Mean of Equal Rights in Workplace
Sam Sepah

NDEC – Education Track

Accessible Professional Development
Caroline Jackson

ASL Clear – Online STEM
Jeanne Reis, Barbara Spiecker

A Glimpse of Bi-Bi in MPS Elementary
Ashley Thompson

Bilingual Approach to Teaching Grammar
Marisa Bolivar, Emily Jo Noschese

Bilingual Strategies in the Classroom
Rachel Benedict

Community Engagement
Kate O’Regan

Denise Kavin

Engaging Students with ASL Visuals
Heather Burgen

Flipped Classroom
Rebekah E. Marchilena

Free Resources for Educators
Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, Jonathan Cetrano

Got Data?
Susan Outlaw-Lane

Inspiring Minds-Mindfulness in Education
Rachel Postovoit

Language-Communication: Why Be Concerned
Marla Hatrak

LEAD-K: Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready!
Sheri Farinha

Let’s Text at School
Colleen Smith

Mainstream and Social Capital
Summer Loeffler, Rachel Berman

Map-It – pepnet 2.0
Heather Holmes

Multicultural Content in Education
Chelsea Paulson

No Sight, No Hearing
Rachel Brown

Partnership: Deaf School and Mental Health
David Geeslin

Professional Identity/System Thinking
Chris McGaha

Re-think Daily Meeting: Around the World
Carrie Lindeman

SLP/ASL Specialist Merger
Amanda Bleed, Guthrie Nutter

STEM. It’s for Everyone
Elizabeth Kimball

The 3 E’s of IEP Data Collection
Amber Akapnitis

Tomorrow’s Workforce: What Students Need
Sam Sepah

Teaching with VL2 Storybook Apps
Melissa Herzig

Update on Education Strategy Team – A Vision for Bilingualism
Tawny Holmes

RID V – Interpreting Track

700-Year Roots of Legal Interpreting
Anne Leahy

Deaf-Hearing Teams: Trust in Shared Space
Laurie Reinhardt

Deaf Advocates and Deaf Interpreters in Court – A Comparison (LEGAL)
Margaret Cobb and Ryan Shephard

Deaf Interpreters in 1800s US/UK Courts
Anne Leahy

Demand Control Schema and Case Supervision
Daniel Greene

Digging In – Beyond the Dictionary Definition: Part I (LEGAL)
Ryan Shephard

Digging In – Beyond the Dictionary Definition: Part II (LEGAL)
Ryan Shephard

Hear the Music and Be the Music
Amber Galloway Gallegos

The Importance of Vagueness in ASL & English
Daniel Greene

Interpreting: Domestic/Sexual Violence
Holly Thomas-Mowery

Layers: Study of Animation and ASL
Wink Smith

Making the English Tangible
Wink Smith

Professional Autonomy in VRS
Erica Alley

What You Should Know About Trilingual Interpreting
Roberto Sandoval

Young at Heart: Pediatric Interpreting
Jackie Emmart